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Welcome to Bright Star movie fansite

This is an unofficial fan site for the film Bright Star directed by Jane Campion. It stars Ben Whishaw as the Romantic Jackpot city bonus poet John Keats and Abbie Cornish as his lover Fanny Brawne. It follows the progress of their love as neighbours right through to the great poet’s death from tuberculosis and burial in Rome. It is a poignant piece. Rotten Tomatoes offers it a rating of 83% from critics and 69% from the audience.

Scene from Bright Star

A beautiful depiction of love and loss, Campion’s film Bright Star charts the sad love affair between the nineteenth-century poet John Keats and his neighbour and lover, Fanny Brawne, during the years in which the poet penned much of the most celebrated verse in the Romantic period. Narrated from Brawne’s view on the romance, the movie not only uncovers the evolution of their young romance, but traces Fanny’s introduction into and fascination with Keats’s world of poetry, starting with indifference and ending with heartfelt involvement.

At the time the two people meet in 1818 once Keats has properly set himself up in the literary world. However, his job does not enable him the financial means to marry. With this knowledge, Brawne’s interaction with Keats is stymied, so she throws herself into his world by feigning a fascination with poetry. Keats’s poetry counts among some of the greatest works in British literature.

So many aspects of this movie are stunning – from the acting and script to the visual elements. The soundtrack too is beautiful and a perfect accompaniment to the stunning music of Keats’s words.

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As well as the film at hand we are also interested in all things to do with poetry, both reading and writing, old and new. We run a poetry podcasting project which deals with poets in the United Kingdom. The project works published, performance, new and much established poets reading their own writing online and out loud.

Bright Star - the movie

The project has been running since June 2006. There are currently 734 poems online from 253 individual poets. Find a complete list of people here, or find out more in the About section.

Our project is part of the 'Save Our Presses' scheme to promote verse and fiction imprints across Britain. If you like the poetry you hear on this site, please purchase books if you are able.

The Romantic Poets were writing their unforgettable poetry around the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. They included Keats, Byron, Shelley, Wordsworth and Coleridge. Their work was perhaps a landmark in thinking about the human condition as defined by individuality, and separateness from the establishment and greater, more powerful regimes. They also focused on nature. Among their most famous poems are Keats’s “Ode to a Nightingale” and Wordsworths “Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey” which looks at the beautiful landscape around the River Wye Gorge.

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